What is "flowing space"?

How can we flow in a space? And can space flow itself?

The term "flow" was introduced into the psychology by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It's a self-inspiring stream of our existence where our consciousness entwines with the activity we just do - whether it's making love, working or even dancing. Suddenly we don't feel any effort, we don't feel tiredness, we feel no boundary between ourselves and the activity. We are fully immersed in our work and that very moment. Daily concerns about ourselves disappear as well as constant distraction. We feel a connection, fusion, direction, passion and at the same time we are not capable of this self-reflection.

Flow is also one of the rhythms of the concept 5Rhythms Dance by Gabrielle Roth. Flow is the rhythm that allows us be connected to the wisdom of the Earth. It teaches us how to be sensitive to the flow of our unique energy and how to authentically follow this energy. It is the rhythm of continuity that prevents any interruption and separation. Its unpredictability may lead us where we do not want to go as well as it can teach us a lot about the cycles of the Earth, harmony and femininity.

Flow is also one of the qualities of movement described by Rudolf Laban. Fluency is present in every act of man. It shows the balance between tension and relaxation in the body.

But let's go further. Sociologist Manuel Castells presents the term "Space of Flows". In his interpretation it is the interaction of space and time. In today's digital age there are neverending streams of information, flows of money, technology, relationships or stream of sounds passing by and through the world. These flows are not just individual elements of our lives. They reflect the processes that control the political, economic and symbolic life.

"Flow" - flowing is everywhere. Everywhere in space - "space". We can perceive it through the concepts of different scientists but also through our own feelings and thoughts. Flow is life. Flow is consciousness. Flow is attention. Flow is emotion. Flow is release. And that all make dance. Even the space may be flowing. It depends on the determination of resting point from which we derive whether something is in motion. And if something is in motion it has the characteristics of flow.