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About Lessons

The best thing you can do before lesson is not to make any expectations :-).  The only thing you really need is the interest to explore and experiment. To this interest just pack some comfy clothes, socks, bottle of water and you have just everything you need.

Just for case you would still feel insecure and nervous for not knowing what will be happening there, here are some possibilities.

Every lesson has some topic (my space in the crowd, boundaries, openness vs.closeness, my hands...). We will combine various movement activities that can help us explore thoughts and emotions connected with the topic and dance routine.

Every lesson starts with the warm-up. Massage, jumping, improvization, stretching - it all can be part of the warm-up. It's a creative process when everyone listens what his body needs right now. Choreography is usually simple and we don't rush anywhere. There's no need to be in stress if anyone's movement memory is weaker. I will give you just the frame but it's up to your creativity and mood how you want to evolve it. Dance movement activities are often big surprise for everyone. Through them one can (but doesn't have to) get to very sensitive aspects of his life. That's why there is always space for verbal reflexion - in the group during the lesson or just with me after the lesson. A lot of time and space is given to improvization and spontaneity. Sometimes absolutely without rules sometimes with some little instruction. And it's up to you what you will do with that. 

Now let's stop describe movement with words and let's do it with our bodies! Come dance!