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About me

Flowing space is the name for the activities of a small black-haired girl. Me.

My name is Jolana Šohajková. I am a psychologist and since childhood I was devoted to dance. In the past few years I went through personal crises and turns in my relation to dance that I knew. I started to hate the dance form that curtails dancer's expression so it could fit to the choreographer's ideas. More and more I felt that there is much more in dance and movement - life itself. I left dance group and the dance in the gym full of mirrors and put myself to the conscious examination of my soul through movement. In my own pedagogical work I started to focus not on aesthetics but on encouraging the self-expression and self-knowledge of the dancers.

Currently I lead regular dance lessons in jazz and contemporary style as well as I work with conscious movement and improvisation that allows us develop not only the body but also the mind. I teach mainly adults. I also work through the movement with adolescents in a psychiatric hospital. I'm very interested in the issue of fear of dancing.

Right now I'm finishing Master's degree in psychology at the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, I am attending 5 years long psychotherapeutical training and the workshops of dancemovement therapy.





Dance experiences:


Dance lessons in Prague 1 with FlowingSpace :-)

Running dance lessons for students of psychology

Leading groups of adolescents working through the movement in the psychiatric hospital

Dancing group InDance with Viktor Zbořil; Movement Studio "H" with Katka Kaňková; Dance group Impuls Praha; Modern and Jazz dance classes in Dancers' Club - Lucie Drábková, Peter Dolinajec; Modern and Jazz dance lessons in Dance Station - Martina Trojanová, Veronika Hanušová

Workshops of dance movement psychotherapy with Radana Syrovátková, Klára Čížková, Andrea Nundy Malá, Jana Špinarová Dusbábková, Janet Kaylo, Marta Zlámaná,...

Participation in the conference Moving Self in Psychotherapy, workshop psychogymnastics with Hana Junová

2008 - 2012

Running dance courses for children from elementary school Hrochův Týnec

Dance Centre Monsignore in Pardubice, Magda Mauerová, focused on modern and jazz dance





.... and other Monsignore videos on youtube :)

Participation in competitions, performing at cultural events, attendance at dance festival in Italy, an annual performance in the Eastern theater.

The annual summer school of dance in Mladočov - Courses of ballet, variations, Limon technique and jazz dance with Libuše Ovsová, Magda Mauerová, Rasta Letenaj, Jana Letenajova and Hana ​​Vašková

2007 - 2012

Attendance at weekend workshops in Dance House with Leona Qaša Kvasnicová, Petra Parvoničová and in Center for Dance with Jitka Matějčková, Jitka Veselá, Petra Panochová, Sara Puchowská, Kateřina Kaňková ...

2003 - 2008

Dance School Bohémia Chrast, class majorettes